Works with code hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab or anywhere else*.

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Running insecure dependencies is a liability.

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Supports dependencies from npm, RubyGems, PyPi, Packagist and Bower. More to come.

Run Gemnasium behind your firewall and find security issues in your dependencies as soon as they appear.

Get notified as security advisories are made public

Do you think security is important?

We never have access to your source code.

Don't run insecure code for days or weeks.

Runs on your servers, behind your firewall

Auto-update available

Receive notifications via email or Slack

Keep technical debt away

Get notified in real time when new versions of your dependencies are published.

Supported dependency management systems

npm, Bower, RubyGems, PyPi & Packagist

Supported source code management

...and many more to come very soon!

The best way to keep your projects secure and away from technical debt.

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